• A New Approach to Healthcare

Increased Employee Engagement and Lower Healthcare Costs for Everyone

For Employers

Lower costs and increase the overall value and quality of care chosen by employees.

  • HDHP Conversion is a Win-Win

    Year after year, employees continue to make healthcare choices that go against their financial and medical best interests. HDHPs combined with HSAs can reduce costs significantly, while keeping the quality high.

  • Break the cycle of bad decision-making

    Year after year, employees continue to make healthcare choices that go against their financial and medical best interests. By engaging them with tools to clearly evaluate plans on a cost-benefit basis, you can help drive the behavioral change that leads to better decision-making.

  • Increase trust and reduce confusion

    Removing the confusion and mistrust from the plan selection process gives employees the confidence and trust they need to experiment and explore choices formerly outside of their comfort zone.

  • Provide visibility and control

    Obeo Health provides employees with complete visibility and control over their plans throughout the year — from decision support, education and planning during open enrollment to claims, spending and expenses after.

  • Easily integrate with your HR platform

    Obeo Health’s simple, cloud-based solution works with you and your benefits partners to get the data necessary to set up and run the system, with limited or no assistance from your IT team. Employee access can be provided by single sign-on (SSO) from your benefits portal or through a standalone website.

  • Give everyone a reason to smile

    Obeo Health’s solution gives employees more control over savings and spending, driving costs down and quality of care up. Now everyone is smiling.

For Partners

Maximize the value of your portfolio while increasing engagement, trust and competitiveness.

  • Payers

    Better connect with members and your ASO customers

    Obeo provides tools that allow members to understand the intricacies of how each plan is tailored to meet different needs.

  • Brokers and Consultants

    Increase plan engagement and participation

    Obtain a competitive advantage with data-driven, decision-support tools that clarify the value and benefits of each offering, driving engagement and increased participation and savings.

  • Benefits Administrators

    Streamline & improve understanding of enrollment and claims

    Give yourself a competitive advantage with advanced tools that improve the enrollment process and make the claims process easier to understand for every employee.

  • Private and Public Exchanges

    Provide personalized cost-benefit plan comparisons

    Solves the decision-support problem for the underserved exchange market, with personalized and powerful tools that enable consumers to compare and evaluate plans prior to purchasing.

  • HSA Administrators

    Clearly demonstrate value to maximize participation and contributions

    Obeo simplifies this complex benefit, making it easier for any employee to understand and calculate the value of participation.

Use Prescriptive Analytics to Drive Better Decision-Making


Data collection


Within historical health information – claims data and clinical records – is a wealth of information that is critical to predicting future medical needs. Instead of relying solely on surveys, we work behind the scenes to securely collect this information to use with our analytical tools.

Prescriptive analytics


Big Data already helps us with so many of our buying decisions. Imagine the same techniques and technologies applied to healthcare. At the core of Obeo Health’s solutions are our sophisticated algorithms that combine the employee’s specific historical health information with millions of bits of provider data.

Powerful insights


With the power of prescriptive analytics behind us, we can provide consumers with a clearer view into their healthcare than ever possible before. Our flagship plan evaluation and comparison tool, for example, enables employees to choose the best plan for their health and budget based on specific medical conditions, location and available providers.