• Deliver Better Healthcare Choices

Open Enrollment Assistant

Make it easy for employees to compare, evaluate and choose plans using quantitative criteria like cost, quality, rating and value.

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Health Manager

Provide a complete overview and actionable analysis of paid and upcoming plan expenses and payments.

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Employee Education

Deliver information and education, to support decisions and provide insight whenever it is needed, via a comprehensive suite of in-app, interactive tools, tips and guides.

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Open Enrollment Assistant

Show Employees the HDHP Savings

Show how the current plans stack up against the new high-deductible offerings, with personalized ratings based on a formula that includes premium and out-of-pocket costs, provider network status (in or out) and covered prescriptions.

Clearly explain total costs and benefits

Clearly display and explain the cost breakdown and the pros and cons of each plan, and make transparent the premiums, co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses that make up the total maximum spend.

Demonstrate the value of a Health Savings Account (HSA)

Help simplify the complicated HSA benefit with a hands-on tool that employees can use to calculate contributions and tax savings, and explore the other benefits of the plan.

See how HSA tax savings can make HDHPs a great option

Show the bottom line costs and savings that often make HDHPs the best choice for employees and employers alike.

Make it even more personal

Let users customize the comparisons – and add coverage and cost estimations for newly diagnosed conditions or planned events such as a pregnancy — to match their current and projected medical needs.

Provide complete security and privacy

Obeo Health’s tools are fully HIPAA-compliant. Employee private health information is completely secure and never shared with anyone (including you the employer).

Health Manager

Bring benefits into the digital age

The simple and beautifully designed interface provides users with an experience similar to what they would find and expect from a consumer financial website.

Provide a complete view of expenses and payments

Dashboard provides a graphic display of expenses and payments and includes a variety of views that enables the user to filter the information by condition, provider, family member and type of expense.

Decode the EOB

With detailed explanations and rationales for how the insurance and employee portions are calculated, we simplify the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) into something anyone can understand.

Ensure the accurate calculation of bills and expenses

Obeo Health’s platform includes our own claims adjudication engine that independently calculates the patient and carrier responsibility for each expense.

Flag items that “don’t add up”

Discrepancies between our calculations and the amount billed by the provider or payer are flagged for the employee’s attention.

Employee Education

Interactive tools, tips and guides

Helpful information in a range of formats — charts, text, info-graphics and video — is always just a click away, to guide the user through a decision and provide additional context or a deeper exploration of a topic.

Medical event planning

The Medical Event planner enables employees to learn more about their condition and explore the likely treatment options and costs without ever leaving the application.

Financial health planning

The plan comparisons and in-app tools such as the FSA and HSA calculators enable employees to model yearly health plan expenses and adjust the projections to better meet their financial and health goals.

Live and online training

Obeo offers a range of live and online training options to ensure employees are completely familiarized with the platform and all of its features and capabilities.

Clear definitions of terms, concepts and conditions

A comprehensive dictionary provides users with an immediate and clear definition of every medical condition, as well as the unfamiliar and potentially confusing terms and concepts.