• Deliver Better Healthcare Choices

Plan Navigator

Make it easy for employees to compare, evaluate and choose plans using quantitative criteria like cost, quality, rating and value.

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Health Organizer

Provide a complete overview and actionable analysis of paid and upcoming plan expenses and payments.

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Population Health Manager

Real time tracking of company medical spend provides insights that can inform better health plan design.
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Plan Navigator

Show Employees the savings from new plan options
Show how the current plans stack up against other options with personalized ratings based on a formula that includes premium and out-of-pocket costs, provider network status (in or out) and covered prescriptions.

Clearly explain total costs and benefits
Clearly display and explain the cost breakdown and the pros and cons of each plan, and make transparent the premiums, co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses that make up the total maximum spend.

Demonstrate the value of Tax savings accounts (FSA, HSA, HRA)
Help simplify the value of tax savings accounts such as FSA, HSA and HRA with a hands-on tool that employees can use to calculate contributions and tax savings.

See how HSA tax savings can make CDHPs a great option

Show the bottom line costs and savings that often make CDHPs the best choice for employees and employers alike.

Make it even more personal

Let users customize the comparisons – and add coverage and cost estimations for newly diagnosed conditions or planned events such as a pregnancy — to match their current and projected medical needs.

Provide complete security and privacy

Obeo Health’s tools are fully HIPAA-compliant. Employee private health information is completely secure and never shared with anyone (including you the employer).

Health Organizer

Bring benefits into the digital age

The simple and beautifully designed interface provides users with an experience similar to what they would find and expect from a consumer financial website.

Provide a complete view of expenses and payments

Dashboard provides a graphic display of expenses and payments and includes a variety of views that enables the user to filter the information by condition, provider, family member and type of expense.

Decode the EOB

With detailed explanations and rationales for how the insurance and employee portions are calculated, we simplify the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) into something anyone can understand.

Ensure the accurate calculation of bills and expenses

Obeo Health’s platform includes our own claims adjudication engine that independently calculates the patient and carrier responsibility for each expense.

Flag items that “don’t add up”

Discrepancies between our calculations and the amount billed by the provider or payer are flagged for the employee’s attention.

Population Health Manager

Real time tracking of medical spend

A dynamic dashboard monitors ongoing company healthcare spend during the plan year and makes cost drivers easy to spot.

Track actual and projected spend

Compare actual and projected spend to enable better forecasting.

Acquire insights across multiple dimensions

Graphs & charts provide transparency on medical spend across more than a dozen dimensions such as gender, age, conditions, geography and prescriptions.

Multi-year trending
Enhance your understanding of each dimension by following the trends across multiple years. With an enriched understanding of spending trends you can better anticipate upcoming expenses.

Tailor your plans to meet employee and company needs
With new insights about how your benefits are being used you can design medical plans that better support the specific requirements of your population leading to more fulfilled & satisfied employees.