• Real Employee Engagement

The Clear Path to Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement


It’s difficult to deliver change. With our engagement strategy, we work with you to understand your company, culture and goals for healthcare. We then look at the challenges preventing you from reaching those goals and develop a plan to remove them. The results speak for themselves.


Employees interact and process information in a variety of different ways. We use a multitude of media– email, webinars, live in-person trainings and more –to connect with more employees. By designing campaigns with greater reach and immediacy, we drive deeper engagement and adoption of our tools, and ultimately your healthcare plans.

Decision Support

Employees make better healthcare decisions when given personalized education and decision support to clearly differentiate the costs and benefits of their choices. Using historical data and our prescriptive analytics engine, we give employees the tools to compare, evaluate and model the cost and quality of their healthcare options, and gain complete transparency and control over their decisions and expenses. The result is a level of engagement with our tools that lead to better decisions and greater long-term savings and satisfaction for everyone.

Make the Connections That Increase Engagement

  • Focus on the savings

    While it’s a known fact that most employees could save money by switching to a new health plan, most don’t because they simply can’t see the financial implications. We make sure that your plan savings can be seen and heard with simple charts and graphs that clearly compare each plan and demonstrate without question the cost, savings and benefits of each option relative to the current plan.

  • Keep it simple

    Healthcare choices are often presented with complex language that does more to confuse than clarify, thus contributing to the engagement problem. In contrast, we use plain language to clearly describe each concept and wherever possible reinforce the idea or value with a simple graphic, chart or diagram.

  • Get personal

    Even when health plan savings are clearly stated or presented, they’re usually too abstract for people to really trust. We use the employees’ claims and payer information and our own Big Data engine to generate highly individualized and specific plan comparisons. The result is a direct and personal connection to each employee and their situation that is hard to dispute.

  • Vary your approach

    Most engagement campaigns fall short because they only engage on one level, neglecting the fact that not all people react to the same message or media in the same way. We use multiple methods and approaches – email, technology, webinars, in-person meetings, etc. – to connect and engage with people in the way they are most comfortable.