Feedback from Employers

  • “For the average employee, healthcare is one of the biggest line item costs they have, yet they have no idea how they are spending these dollars, where they are spending them and how to budget. Obeo’s suite of secure and HIPAA compliant tools allow people to understand health plans, budget their healthcare dollars and minimize their out-of-pocket expenses.”

    COO of an IT services company

  • “HR and benefits professionals are under pressure to think outside the box and come up with new and improved benefit programs to engage employees. Obeo Health provides a smart interactive tool that easily helps employees understand how new plan designs will personally affect them.  With Obeo, employees feel confident that their plan selection is right for their family.  That confidence translates into more engaged and satisfied employees.”

    CEO of Benefits Company

  • “In an effort to control rising costs medical plans have become increasingly complex. Employees have largely been left with little to no tools or support in making important healthcare decisions.  Obeo Health’s unbiased presentation of personalized medical costs provides the critical support employees and their families need during Annual Open Enrollment and throughout the year.”

    Sandra Mostert
    Human Resource Manager at Major Law Firm

  • “The visibility [of the Obeo team] on-site and at our health and benefits fairs helped our employees understand the value of the tools. Our employees are so busy that it’s difficult for them to find the time to understand new health plan options, unless there’s a personalized decision support tool.  Obeo was really helpful from that perspective.”

    “Everyone thought the Obeo Health tool was valuable, the feedback was really really good.”

    Director of Benefits at Technology Company

  • “Viewing claims year-round with Obeo is easier than the tool other insurance plans offer. Plus, Obeo starts with three years’ worth of data and that data will continue to grow, while many plans only go back two years.”

    “Before Obeo, I was handling a lot of one-on-one enrollment consultations and it was a challenge to meet with everyone during Open Enrollment.”

    Manager of Benefits at Telecom Company

  • “Planning for health expenses begins with selecting an optimal health plan and making informed decisions about effective care, year round. Obeo Health breaks down the cost of each plan and explains the pros and cons by weighing premiums, co-pays, co-insurance and other out-of-pocket expenses that make up the total spend. Our employees found it very valuable”

    Benefits Manager at Major IT Services Company

Feedback from Employees