Why we started Obeo Health

Welcome to the Obeo Health blog! Obeo Health was created to enable better healthcare decisions. We’re passionate about bringing much-needed transparency to the healthcare choices employees make and transforming the whole experience for consumers and employers alike.

Healthcare choices often leave consumers feeling disempowered and frustrated. Every step can be confusing and almost every encounter within the sector is completely opaque. Employees struggle to choose the health plan that is best for them from both a coverage and cost perspective – often leaving their health plan selection unchanged from year to year because of the lack of information and clarity. Making sense of doctor, insurance and hospital bills is a nightmare. Navigating the system with a chronic disease or serious medical condition can be incredibly overwhelming, taking away from what people should be focused on – their health.

Our founder and CEO, Naveen Saxena, the former CTO of Castlight Health, the groundbreaking enterprise healthcare cloud company, met Adrian Rawlinson, MD, who shared the same concerns about the healthcare system from the perspective of a practicing physician. Many of his patients were struggling to understand their bills; unclear on the jargon; didn’t understand what was or wasn’t covered; and had no idea how much they were actually paying for procedures. Together they recognized the need and opportunity to transform the experience and enable greater engagement and understanding of healthcare choices. During a long meeting in a coffee shop, they discussed all of the issues around lack of transparency, costs of procedures and how people make choices and learn about costs. They recognized with the lack of transparency also comes a great amount of fraud, waste and abuse in the system.

At the same time that the team at Obeo were developing their idea, the healthcare landscape was changing rapidly.  The Affordable Care Act was signed into law and employers were shifting to high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). HDHPs combined with an HSA (tax deductible health savings account) have the potential to be very advantageous to both the employer and the employee. However, the concept of an HDHP is often hard to grasp and the systems in place to explain HDHPs and HSAs to employees during open enrollment were sorely lacking. This underscored the need for tools to increase employee engagement and understanding of complex healthcare choices.

By creating radically simple tools with a strong focus on user experience, Obeo Health has found a way to empower consumers to make better healthcare decisions while at the same time lowering costs for everyone. The team is made up of a diverse group of individuals bringing together experts in clinical medicine, insurance, data science and user experience who are committed to opening up better transparency in healthcare.

Contact us to learn more about how Obeo Health can help your organization increase employee engagement in healthcare decisions and lower costs for everyone.