Health Savings Begin Here.

Increase Employee Engagement and Drive Down Healthcare Costs with Prescriptive Analytics.

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Combining Big Data and Healthcare for the Benefit of Everyone

Open Enrollment Assistant

Simple tools and graphs that let employees explore and compare their health plan options, giving them a clear understanding of the bottom-line costs and benefits of each choice.

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Health Manager

Billing and claims dashboard, tools and alerts help to give employees a complete overview and understanding of their expenses and highlight billing discrepancies.

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Employee Education

Out-of-the-box interactive tools, tips and guides give employees the information they need to make smarter, more informed decisions exactly when they need it.

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We work with each customer to understand specific goals and challenges, and then create an engagement plan that combines the right mix of technology, personal interactions and written materials.

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Take the Hard Work Out of Choosing a Health Plan

Our Open Enrollment Assistant takes the guesswork out of choosing a health plan by providing personalized comparisons of all available plan options and bringing costs down for everyone.

See how the current plan stacks up

Explore the cost breakdown for each plan, which compares premiums, out-of-pocket expenses and total maximum spend.

Demystify HDHPs and the benefits of HSA contributions.

Tailor plan comparisons to match current medical needs.

Ensure security and privacy with full compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations.

Get a Clear View of Healthcare Claims and Billing Information

Simple explanations of benefits billed and expenses paid

Review total amount spent and billed to date.

Filter and view costs by service type, family member and conditions.

Receive alerts for out-of-pocket payment discrepancies and possible savings opportunities.

Make the Connections That Increase Engagement

We use multiple methods and approaches—email, technology, webinars and in-person meetings—to engage with people in the way they are the most comfortable.

Focus on the money

We drive HDHP adoption by comparing the total costs across plans and demonstrate, without question, the savings and value.


Keep it simple

We use plain language to describe each concept clearly and wherever possible reinforce the idea or value with a simple graphic, chart or diagram.


Get personal 

We use the employees’ claims and carrier information and our prescriptive analytics engine to generate highly individualized and specific plan comparisons.

The Advantages of Choosing Obeo Health

With tools designed to engage, inform and empower, we’re paving the way forward for everyone to save on healthcare costs and share in the benefits of improved health.


For Employers

Set the stage for year-round savings with tools that drive HDHP adoption and empower employees to optimize the value of their health plan.


For Partners

Obeo Health’s cloud-based tools drive unprecedented employee engagement and are easy to integrate into your current product suite.